My First English Adventure is the only authorized kindergarten in Otopeni (see OMEN no. 4572 10.09.2014).

Our mission is to create a fun, safe and loving environment, rich with learning opportunities through play and guided activities, as well as to offer an introduction to English language through litterary activities, song and daily conversational routines. The program’s whole-child centered approach aims at meeting the needs of children in the areas of safety (physical & emotional), health & hygiene, nutrition, positive self-image, social development, cognitive development and physical activity (fine & gross motor skills).

We are a Child Development Center that offers age appropriated education in English for infants, elementary school pupils and every age in between. In our Center, children receive nurturing care and a well-rounded education. We customize our care and teaching to the age of children, while adhering to proven educational standards at every level of development. Our goal is to partner with parents to guide children through these active learning years in a safe and fun environment. Our programs are offered year round including spring, summer and winter breaks.

Infant & Toddler - Children under age 3 engage in age-appropriate activities that help them gain the right skills, socialize with peers and become comfortable with a daily routine. Preschool & Kindergarten - Children ages 3 to 5 gain necessary skills to ensure school readiness, build confidence, boost self-esteem and make new friends. School Age: Before & After and Break Programs - We offer programs before and after school or during school breaks for children at every age. Enrichment Lessons- Boost your child’s school readiness with small group activities designed to advance their skills. Lessons focus on science, phonics, cooking, math, music and more.

If you want to see why your child loves our center and why parents have the confidence to place their children in our care, take a look at our photographs (click here) and at our videos of activities (click here)